A little ChatGPT Writing Experiment

I have an Evernote folder with over 400 ideas for blog posts I’ve not got round to writing (and probably never will). Some are just one or two sentence ideas. Others are little more than a list of notes. Some are a stream of consciousness, while a few are almost there and just need a bit of editing. However all have one thing in common. They sit their, growing in number, and taunting me for not doing anything with them. So I decided to try a little experiment. I took the latest one in my list, inspired by a podcast interview I’d just listened to, fed it into ChatGPT, and here is the result…



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Andy Budd

Design Founder, speaker, start-up advisor & coach. @Seedcamp Venture Partner. Formerly @Clearleft @LDConf & @UXLondon . Trainee Pilot. Ex shark-wrangler.